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Algonkian Novel Writing and MS Revision Courses
    Pre-MFA, Post-MFA, or No MFA - Get Your Novel on a Realistic Path to Publication

   In Cooperation and Partnership with
Algonkian Writer Conferences and The New York Pitch

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Develop, Write, and Pitch Your Breakout Novel

Step-by-Step Courses Followed by One-on-One Tutorials and Agent Pitching

This is unquestionably the best novel writing program online, not only because of its methodology and references, but because it enables you to consult with a professional in the commercial novel writing business, and once accomplished, directly pitch literary agents in our own forums as soon as you are ready. No other program comes close to this. Keep in mind too that Algonkian Writer Conferences has proved itself, time and time again, to be extremely successful when it comes to leading writers to agent and publishing contracts, and you won't have to spend several thousand on half a dozen or more writing program classes, or worse yet, up to $10,000 or more on an MFA-like college program with ill-qualified academic instructors.

- Michael Neff, Algonkian Director

These novel writing courses were brainstormed by the faculty of Algonkian Writer Conferences and later tested by NYC publishing professionals for practical and time-sensitive utilization by genre writers (SF/F, YA, Mystery, Thriller, Historical, etc.) as well as upmarket literary writers. Therefore, if you wish to begin or successfully restart your novel, or write it with editorial guidance at your own pace, you've found the right program.

The goal is to get you as close to the brass ring as possible, to make your novel as commercially competitive as it needs to be on all levels while avoiding critical missteps, bad advice, and exorbitant prices. And it does not matter what stage your novel is currently in, or where you are in your writing life. The program steps and methodology, as well as the faculty, enable you to learn and grow as a writer together with your novel, and at your own pace. Your work is thoroughly reviewed by our professionals and together you set publication goals, engage in manuscript and project edits as needed and appropriate, and discuss query letter and agent representation options. Also, if we both agree your novel is properly polished and market-positioned, we will provide opportunities to pitch it in our private agent pitch forums.

Review our FAQ below, including information regarding online venue and start dates. Commentary by successful authors regarding the Algonkian approach, both online and off, can be found on this page.

Algonkian Novel Writing Program Course outline - $799.00 (Steps 1-5)

Step 1 - Premise, Plot, Character, Scene Sets, All Things Structural (author methodically writes/rewrites novel top to bottom or as necessary - syllabus)
Step 2 - Prose Narrative and Style Enhancement (author methodically improves style, voice, and prose narrative - syllabus)
Step 3 - 25 Point Coverage Audit, First 100 Pages, Sell Sheet Outline of Entire Novel
Step 4 - Market-position Analysis, Editorial Consults as Necessary by Phone With Faculty Mentor, Query Process and Letter Creation - Editor/Agent Hunt

Keep in mind, at the conclusion of Step 4 of the program, and depending of course on necessary manuscript edits, we either help you find a professional agent, consider your work for representation by one of our own literary agencies, or give you access to our agent pitch forums. Additionally, at the end of this program you will have:
  • A thorough, editor-approved outline of all your novel's plot points, reversals and complications.
  • 100 pages or more of your novel, or narrative non-f, in competitively polished shape.
  • An editor-supervised application of our advanced craft technique (see syllabus), resulting in a personalized and competitive narrative style.
  • Access to an indefinite number of private phone consultations from program faculty member regarding your story premise, prose narrative, and all major novel elements for purposes of determining your competitive status vs. other writers in your genre, and for making further edits and improvements as necessary prior to the representation or query stage. NOTE: all review is by professionals exclusively.
  • A realistic publication plan going forward based on your manuscript's current stage of development, as well as your skill set.
  • A review by our agent-faculty for possible representation to major publishers--not a guarantee, but this condition is what we strive for. If you succeed, we succeed by getting you published. And if we believe another agent should handle it, we'll either contact them on your behalf or supervise the creation of great query letter.

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